"Grow Yourself Complete"


I am feeling the strain of the world.  I am feeling the strain of change.  I am feeling the beauty of change.  I am feeling the uncertainty of change.  I am feeling the power of change.

I sit in an uncomfortable state.  Auto-pilot is no longer abled.  There are new things that we run into every day.

Many are living outside of their own comfort zone.  We are living in trust and truth as best we can.  We are living in uncertainty and, yet, how we were living – while much of it was good, there were enough things that are not.

Peace.  What a beautiful word.  A beautiful being.  A beautiful place.

May you find your peace and share it out.  May we support each other in peace.  May we open up to the piece of us that is peace.

I wish you peace.

Perhaps, peace is allowing what is, believing that you are okay and your life will fall into place.  Perhaps, a more beautiful place then even you could imagine.