"Grow Yourself Complete"

Past-Present-Current-Forward Flow

We do not have to do things as we always did.   We do not have to do things because it has always been done this way.   We do not have to be what we used to be.  It is not always best for us today because it has been best for us in the past.

The best thing we can do for ourself and each other is to live our lives as we are today with as much openness as possible.  May we bring our true self, true feelings, true thoughts, true emotions, true abilities, true disabilities to the table; so to speak.

May we allow who we are, how we think, what we feel to be okay.  May we dance and relish in our loving ownership of same.   

May you own everything that you are.  May you create your best self with as much truth about yourself as you can muster and allow.  May you be open to it; watch; participate and get ‘er done!  In everything you do, be the YOU that you truly are today. 

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