"Grow Yourself Complete"


Today, for me, was all about paperwork.  Oh, lovely paperwork!

There was mail coming in and re-certifications going out and it seems that I lost (or put in a safe place, ha) paperwork that was needed to get these things done.  I had issues logging on to my online banking.  I had holding on the phone issues for 20 minutes or more at a time.

I found myself feeling frustrated and not being so kind to myself; which only stressed me more.

When will I learn that I work better and function easier under kindness, support and love.  When will I learn that me being nice to me matters more than anything as far as supporting one’s self goes.

Even if  ‘other’s decide or are unable to treat me in ways that I prefer to be treated, when I treat myself with kindness through it all – I get through it all much easier and more smoothly.

May you find yourself being your own best friend and giving yourself kindness through it all; as best you can and as often you can.

If you hear (or feel) yourself being unkind to yourself, may you stop and do better.  Stop and be kinder.  Stop and start again in the most supportive way that you can be to yourself in each moment.

This is what I wish for you.

We are all works-in-progress.

Let kindness and love towards self and each other lead the way through it to get to it and done.

Here’s putting it out there in hope that this is what we can all choose to learn; do better at; and accomplish.

We are all humans.  No one is perfect.  However, we are perfectly imperfect and we are enough.

Things that happen to us are not the end of the world even though sometimes it feels so.  Things that happen to us happen ‘better’ when we open our hearts, minds and patience to the moment and to each other.  Breathing and questioning the goal in each moment are always helpful too.

Let’s continue on in our own best possible way.

And so it is.  Amen.

[Note:  I did find myself at one point while I was holding the line for a representative, I found myself breathing along with tightening and releasing the muscles in my abdomen.  I figured I might as well use this time to benefit myself and not just frustrate myself…

May you find when you are standing in line at the groceries or stuck at your desk having your patience tested, find ways within yourself to let go, work a muscle, practice breathing or just notice the floor underneath your feet supporting you.  May you see what productive ‘games’ you can come up with…]