"Grow Yourself Complete"


I had noticed that recently my mind and my body were begging myself to lie in bed in the morning and just allow homeostasis to find itself within me.  Balance, calm, a feeling of being in sync within.  To not rush.  To not jump up and start the day immediately after I open my eyes.

I noticed that I was choosing to ignore this request.  I noticed I was labeling the possibility of it as being a loser, wrong, lazy and other choice unkind words.

Through my gift of noticing this, I changed it up and now am allowing myself some morning of quiet, laying time.  I now label it as my ‘healing time’.  This is what feels best within and without.  I am not hurting anyone.   I am loving and pampering myself and I want to share that it feels joyful and really, really nice.  It is a complete gift, and need, that only I was withholding from myself.

May you realize what you are withholding from yourself because of old habits or learned patterns.  Feel what it is that you are asking of yourself and yet, in truth, can make it happen, lovingly and without hurting anyone or anything.  May you, perhaps, look at it as a gift and may you let yourself have it.  May you let something bring you joy.

May you live in the space of loving and pampering yourself in whatever capacity you will allow and/or need.  May you support others to do the same.