"Grow Yourself Complete"

Owning You

“No one is you and that is your power.”  Niloofar Shokrgozar

I just love this.  It resonates within me so deeply.   It feels like freedom, power, truth and love to me.  It feels like total empowerment that is ours to own and that we are born with.  It feels like the reason we are here having this human experience.

Your most unique traits – just maybe, the ones you like the least – are what is needed to blend together as one human race.

On my twitter page, I have that I feel we are all a piece of a large puzzle and as we become totally who we are and are meant to be and we share this truth with each other and support one another in just this – we complete the puzzle and we win.

Just what if…..

May you own who and what you are.  May you own your power.  May you lovingly share it with us.

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