"Grow Yourself Complete"

Own Hands

I’m taking my healthcare back into my own hands as best I can.  When I came to my new home, location, life, I was taking little medicine and my weight was decent.  I wasn’t perfect, but I wasn’t as ‘uncalm’ as I have become.

With all the stress of seeing different doctors, being sent new directions, finding my new way, I have gained weight and I am on different medicines and I have lost connection to my own needs vs. what the doctors tell me my needs are.

It is important to listen and learn from our doctors and healthcare providers.  It is important to listen and believe what we know is true for ourselves.

So, as I find my voice, speak up and share my truth, my experience(s), my own knowledge with these doctors, I am open to having it my way to comfort, healing, better health and peace.

I am ready.  I believe it can happen.   It will happen.  It is happening.

It isn’t the easiest way to go but, for me, it is my best way.

I must even get the pharmacists involved; the insurance company involved.

But, I am worth it.  And, so are you.

May you let yourself be worth fighting for and/or speaking of your truth, your experiences, and your needs to get what feels best on, in and around you.   Only YOU know best after gathering all the facts, information, options and connections.

May you live your best through your own inner knowing, your own inner being.  May you live your best through your own outer doing.  May you live your best you.

Perhaps, the time couldn’t be more perfect.

Lift yourself up and fly…