"Grow Yourself Complete"

Our/My/Your World

How are you doing in this world that we all have come into; that we all have participated in; that we all have helped to create; that we all live in… ‘How you doin…’

Perhaps, you know.  Perhaps, you do not.  Perhaps, you are teetering between knowing and not knowing.

Wherever you find yourself today, in this minute – my wish is that you allow it to be so as you participate and bring your truth into it.

Whether we accept it or not, this is our truth in this minute.  We can ignore it, love it, not want it to be so…BUT, it is so nonetheless.

This is you living your life right now.  This is it.

I accept my success as I am today.  I am a success because I love, I connect, I belong, I curdle, I rise, I experience, I cry, I laugh.  I AM A SUCCESS.

May you know that you are a success just as you are.  As you stay stagnant, as you fly high, as you hover over, as you ‘just are’, as you breathe – YOU ARE A SUCCESS.

May you own all that you are, all that you have done, all that you are doing and all that you feel and may you live out from here.