"Grow Yourself Complete"

Opening Up or Burning Up

Hello to you.   I hope you are having a nice day and/or nice moments throughout your day.  I hope that you are being kind to yourself (and others) and I hope that your heart and mind are open in the best way that your heart and mind can be open.

Maya Angelou said that ‘today is a good day, I’ve never seen this one before’.  How true.

We have never seen this day before, nor will we again…   what do you want to do with it…

I hear it being said that we have the choice to feel how we feel.   When I first heard this, I thought it was nuts.  Now, I know it to be true.  Our first reaction may not be what we always want to feel, but we can be aware of our reaction(s) and then turn it/them into the reaction that feels best for ourselves.   Peace feels best for me.

Anger is not fun.  Anger, I lose my way.  Anger, I don’t like how I look.  With anger, I don’t like how I feel.

There has been a few times, when anger felt good.  I felt deceived and, at that time, nothing else would come up for me.  I even preplanned how I would deal with the situation I knew I was walking into.  I thought I had it figured out, but anger was the only feeling that wanted to ‘roar’.  So, roared I did.  And it felt good [for a minute].

However, as I was ‘doing’ anger and giving my anger breath, I knew I was scary and there was an inability to communicate with me.  A part of me knew, it wasn’t being as helpful as I could be and I knew an apology from myself would follow.  But for those few minutes, I had no other feeling available to me.

I later learned that people could hear me more, open up to me more, communicate with me more if I was angry but I showed my anger through a more loving and open way.

Now, most of my anger comes through in this manner.  I don’t always get heard, but I always like myself for bringing and carrying peace.

It is who I am.  It is who I want to be.  It is what I feel most comfortable around.

Next time you get angry – feel the anger, see the anger, step out of yourself and watch the anger.  Do you like what you see…

Is there a more loving, open, communicative way to share what makes you angry.

It is said that anger is either underlying fear or hurt.  I feel this to be true.  I also feel it to be true to best communicate and create peace takes us much further into the situation and the ability to change things up than carrying and spouting anger into same.

When you are quiet and peaceful, perhaps, ask yourself what you want.   Do you want people to share you and your life with or do you want to be a beast that people are afraid of and can’t be their true selves around you.  Do you want a bond of togetherness and peace or do you want a bond of anger, fear and hurt.

Yes, it is how we react.

May you react well to achieve your goal(s).  Hello to you.  I would like it best being in a person’s life that is supportive and kindly shows anger than a person that shows anger that makes me want to run away from fast.

You do have a choice; each and every time.  May you choose you.  Choose the you that you want to be and be it.

People will respond to your choice(s).

  Burning up or Opened up…