"Grow Yourself Complete"

Oo Oo Oo Feelings

Some of us think our way through our feelings…

Examples would be:

Well, I don’t have time to cry just now, I better wait.

I can’t possibly be feeling this way.

I don’t understand why I feel this way.

People would think I’m crazy if they knew I felt this way.

I so don’t want to feel this.

Something is wrong with me.

We sometimes do everything in our power to not feel.

Such as with:






and a whole bunch of other options.   We humans are pretty good at this.

I’d like to offer to feel your way through your feelings and not think your way through them…

Just give yourself permission to feel.  One can ask/pray to be shown and/or feel the feelings to/through them as gently as possible.

I find myself saying…  “God, I am ready to feel everything that I need to… Please be gentle with me.”

May you let your feelings bring you home to your whole self.