"Grow Yourself Complete"

Only Today

Today is all that matters.  I struggle today with some things that, yesterday, I did not.

It doesn’t matter where I was ‘yesterday’ in this manner.   It truly matters, only, where I am today.   Yet, thoughts of yesterdays linger.  The thought of the ease of many yesterdays isn’t helping.   It is best if my thoughts stay here where I’m at.

I realize I felt like I am walking through mud.  I am grateful it is not quicksand…

If, at times, you feel like you are in mud and life feels very heavy or even at times like you are in quicksand….

May you know, believe and promise yourself that you will walk on trusting the process of life; your ability to walk on and your ability to get out of the mud and even the quicksand.

You have, thus far, a 100% survival rate.

Pretty good odds!