"Grow Yourself Complete"

On and On and On

I’m seeing where many people are starting to (or at least putting a voice to) listening to their own inner ‘chatter’.  The sayings, thoughts, voices, ideas that just pop up in our heads again and again and again.

One of the lectures I once went to said that there was a study done and most of us think the same thoughts each day.  Up to 75% of the same thoughts each day…  WOW

So the noise, chatter, voices, and thoughts that we experience today, we continue experiencing them tomorrow and on and on and on.   This is done until we become mentally aware and change them.

It takes work.  It takes practice.  It takes awareness.  It takes time.   And, to me, it is better to take all of ‘this’ than to stay stuck in thoughts that we do not want.

If you ever asked yourself why am I always the one that has to make peace; that has to speak up first; that has to be the reacher outer to solve certain situations…  I can give you what I think is the greatest answer that was once given to me when I had asked this same question…

‘Because you are the one that is bothered by it.’   Hmm.  Yes, this is true.  And, it also makes it easier to ‘play’ it out this way because I’m worth it.  “Baby, I’m Worth It.”  And, Baby, you are too!

Sometimes, I feel childish dealing with certain issues thinking that it is ridiculous that I have to talk about this, shine awareness on that or even take time to connect to certain issues.  It is okay.  Feel childish if that is what comes up for you.  But, meet yourself where you are at and work through whatever it is that comes up for you.

It is my experience that ‘it’ doesn’t go away until we do this.  It goes on and on and on.

So, if certain thoughts, ideas, voices are in your awareness again and again and again –  and you’d prefer they not be there…

May you STOP and listen and deal, feel and experience whatever it is from the place that you are at in the moment.

You win when you do this because growth is happening and with growth comes new possibilities.

Here’s to you and new possibilities that excite you…   !