"Grow Yourself Complete"

Off I Go

I am off to visit my lovely and precious sister for the week and help out with my beautiful niece’s bridal shower!   I will be away a week.   !  I will be by myself without my dogs or my immediate family.  My husband will stay to ‘hold down the fort’ so to speak.

It has been a while since I traveled alone.   I am very excited and looking forward to the freedom it provides me.  I am looking for the joy and love I will experience.

I will miss my family immensely and my schedule that I am constantly looking to update and add to.

My dogs will miss me and they will be fine without me.  I still have a bit of an abandonment issue but I walk through it easier every time I go away knowing that I am not abandoning.  I am going on a ‘holiday’, a ‘vacation, a ‘get-a-way’.  I will return.   I will return in fine form.  They are well taken care of.

I am seeing a dear and my most long time friend (since we were 14) for Thanksgiving holiday.  I look forward to this as well.   She is not very close to where my sister lives and the two hour trip one way will be an adventure – Thanksgiving traffic and all.  Hugging her, and all my loves ones, is my goal for my entire trip.

I am packing, planning and gathering everything and anything that I think I may need.   It is my thought not to take my vitamins (first time ever) to see how my body responds to same.   If it responds with negativity, I can always purchase vitamins in Pennsylvania, USA.

So, off I go.   I will be back.   I send you love, inner knowing, strength and the greatness of you.

I hope to meet you back here because you being here means something to me.  It means a lot to me.

With great gratitude and joyful cheer, I bid you adieu (for the time being).

May you know and live the truth of YOU.  May you experience it as a ‘holiday’; a ‘vacation’ from time to time; and a ‘get-a-way’.   May you look at your life and let it be all about the freedom to be your best and move loving self; in towards yourself and out towards the world.

In this, we all win.   May we all win.