"Grow Yourself Complete"

No Where to Run

We are in.  We are in a life that has very limited places to hide.  Everything is ‘captured’ by digital technology and we all have the capability of ‘making movies’.

I am glad when I was young and silly that my ‘young and silly’ was not captured!  It is strange enough for my old and silly to be so.

I understand that as I don’t do anything wrong, I cannot be caught doing anything wrong.  Even as I’m a true and trusting person, I am only human and humanness has many ‘weird’ practices.

There is good news in this as what we do is digitalized, we can see for our self the true and fun things we humans do.  We can see so much more about each other than we ever could.  While I have this under ‘good news’, it can also be something else!

We can connect across the world within seconds.  We can see each other in different states; different countries.

We can tie in to each other so easily; from one-on-one to a whole group of us.

This is progress.  This can also be challenging.

As I’m writing this, I am so uncomfortable in my body.  I find it hard to concentrate.  I find it hard to sit in comfort.  I feel myself yawning and, again, wanting/needing to stretch.   I have been walking, at times, too.  My body is just screaming to move and I am listening as best I can.

My head feels heavy and light at the same time.  It feels certain and uncertain too.   I am stuck in between both worlds of knowing and unknowing; being seen and unseen; wanting more and okay with where I am…

Stuck.  In this moment, I am stuck.  I accept it because it is my truth.  I also know that if I wait long enough, this will no longer be my truth.  Change is always inevitable.  And, even while stuck, I am okay.

I feel silly and childish.  I feel frustrated and charmed.  I feel ansty and calm.   I am a bundle of it all.

This is being human.   We all have many sides; many feelings; many emotions.

May we all live through them in our truest, gentlest and kindest of ways.  May we support each other in doing the same.

In this, we all win.  I want us all to win.

May you win.  I think what matters most is that you feel like you win; at least from time to time.

I know I do and it is what keeps me going the best.  The love of the win; and just the love.

Thank you.

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