"Grow Yourself Complete"

No Answer… yet

Sometimes, life has a way of showing us an illness, creating strange and mysterious paths, allowing non-sense, opening doors that show themselves to us without an answer; without a way; with nothing but many questions that derive out of these ‘things’ we are shown…

Perhaps, when there is no definitive answer…   there is no definitive answer.   And, this is where I say and I am learning that it (healing, walking on, figuring out, listening deeply), perhaps, is truly an inside job.

It doesn’t hurt to reach out and learn as much as we can regarding any possibilities, opportunities, situations to make our life easier; more vital.

It doesn’t hurt to believe that the answer(s) come(s) when they are supposed to in the way they are supposed to and if we do not know something that we wished we did – it just isn’t our time to know.. yet.  And, to let it be okay.

May you reach out and learn as much as you can of all the possibilities, opportunities and situations that are available to you to make your life easier and more vital without having all the answers or even any.

May you connect on to learn on to walk on; as your ultimate self, naturally.

You are worth it; awesome; and able.   We all are.   Ultimate self on!

May you fall in love with yourself in your natural state; again and again and again.