"Grow Yourself Complete"

New World; Shift; Ascension

New World; Shift; Ascension…

These are just some of the words I am seeing and reading quite a bit about lately.

Enlightenment…   This just may be the most often used ‘new’ word I read on social media.

Do they mean different things for different people…  Probably.   Everyday words like ‘play’ and ‘work’ can often be deciphered differently.

Each one of us can only really know our own experience(s); our own journey(s).  As we live each day, we experience life unlike any other person on the planet.

I experience me.  You experience you.

It is within these experiences that our lives are created.

How exciting.  How cool.  How scary.  How interesting.

This just may be that good news/bad news type of thing.  ‘We are responsible for ourselves.’ 

How wonderfully unique each of us are.  How challenged we can feel.  What challenges one may be a gift to another.  What feels successful to one may feel less than to another.

People make the world go ’round. As we each ‘play’ our own unique part, we come together as a whole.  We make up the whole.

May you let it all flow through you just as it is now.

erhaps, we don’t really need to know the meaning of everything to know the truth of our self.

May you be open to what you are experiencing.  May you be open to love.  May you be open to gentleness.   May you be open to your truth.  May you be open to life flowing through you as it shows itself to you.

How you respond; what you think; what you say and what you focus on is what creates your life and your experience of life.

May you respond, think, say and focus on the happiness, calm and growth that is a part of who you are.


May you live and grow in the natural splendor of YOU.