"Grow Yourself Complete"


With earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, tornados, fighting, etc., it is not easy to find and/or access comfort.

Inside me feels shaken up, stirred and jumbled.

I hear myself saying ‘be here now’.  I hear myself saying ‘as I take this breath, I am okay’.

I know to ask myself what is my goal in this moment and focus on just this.

I know to surrender.  I know to let go.  I know to send out love instead of worry.  I know to trust the process of life and divine timing.

While I have many (what I call) ‘tools’, I am still shaken, stirred and jumbled more often than I wish to be.

Are we all being challenged as a whole more than ever; as ‘one’ more than ever…  Is what happening over there becoming more affective over here then in the past…

I feel more and find myself more relatable to the world as a whole.  In this, we will find strength.  And, for now, we may be experiencing more tumultuous-ness as we learn to live in this new world that is being created.

I did get set in my ways and knew ease in daily, unobstructed patterns.

New daily patterns are being observed and created with the ability of most of us being able to see and know about each other more than ever before.  We are being forced to learn new ways of adapting, living and living through and with.  There are cameras everywhere.  What is seen is often captured.

The information at hand is staggering.  It can overwhelm.  It can also unite.

May you leave your heart open and send out love as much as possible and as often as possible.

The door to the heart swings both ways.  May you send love in.  May you send love out.

May we let love lead the way.  May we let love show us the way.  May we let love create the way.

As each of us grow into our own inner peace and we unite from this place, may we accomplish the most and best out of life and each other.

I wish you love.

May you be really easy on yourself the more hard on yourself that you are.

As we allow for ease, peace, understanding, openness, truth and love, we allow for creation of a better day.