"Grow Yourself Complete"


There are so many directions we can take in this thing called our life.  North, South, East and West are very common and familiar directions.  We’ve been taking them our whole lives.

Yet, now, I feel there are many, many more directions that are surfacing, showing themselves, being found and walked down by us.

A lot are unknown and we go on an unknown adventure and we end up where we end up.  There are wonderful places to be discovered this way.  We need trust, love and openness to easily walk down these paths.  It is when it works out the best; I think.

There are ones that we have taken already but in different scenarios; perhaps, with different people.  Yet, the path is somewhat familiar and, maybe even comfortable.  Yet, the outcome is not yet lived.  It is okay.  Life is the journey.

There are directions that are created as we go with unique adventures at every turn.

There are directions that maybe we want to U-turn on and, yet, do not because we do not see our way or a way in that moment.  We sit here and contemplate, feel, and, hopefully, pour ourselves into and out of it.

Whichever direction you find yourself in just now, may you bring your whole self to it and into it.  May you share your truth with yourself and others.  May you sit in your truth until the light becomes brighter.  May you embrace any darkness at your door by being your ultimate true self in it.

This is life.  This is living.  This is the very best we can do, perhaps.

As we be true and loving to ourselves, we connect to true and loving people, places and things.

Be open to what is true and loving in you and connect to your most true and loving paths to walk down.

Honor thyself.  Honor your path.  Honor others.

This is life.  This is living.  This is you living your life today.

May you prosper.