"Grow Yourself Complete"

My Feelings

Lately I have not felt the strong and unstoppable urge to post; to share; to help without being asked and/or to give of myself just because I need to.

I love people.  I love helping people.  I love seeing people succeed.  I love having a place in people’s lives.

I feel the urge to not give so fully or readily.   I feel the urge to go inward and give to myself, my needs; to create, allow and accomplish my desires.

I still feel connected.  I always have the desire to feel connected.  It feels like I have a need to go deeper within.  I thought I was very deep.  There is a calling for me to go even deeper.  I am not sure what that looks like or feels like, but the urge to do so is vibrant and strong.

The need to share my dilemmas and/or hardships; the need to share my thoughts and/or feelings is not very strong right now.

The need to grow from within out is what is calling me; what is being demanded of me.

I’m really and truly not sure what this means or looks like.

I am open to finding out and allowing it; embracing it – embracing me.

Whatever you are feeling or desiring,

may you let your feelings and desires lead you home to you.  Lead you into the life that is meant for you to be living now…  Lead you into empowering you.

As you empower yourself, you empower others.

I am hoping that my own empowerment will touch yours.

Let us be empowered together — from deep within out into the lives that we are meant and made to be living now.

Hip Hip Hooray!!  Let’s just go here; whatever and wherever ‘here’ means to you.