"Grow Yourself Complete"

Moving Through

Today, right now, right here – we are all living.  THIS is life.  Nothing more, nothing less.

I am not looking for what is or what will be, I am looking for what is now.  I am walking through the now.  I am breathing in this moment.   I am experiencing what life is offering me to experience now; as is.

I take the truth of my response to each moment and if it ‘rocks’, I will keep it.  If it hurts, I will change and/or evolve it through me.  I accept, nurture, evolve, create, move through each moment as me.  All moments are temporary.  May we participate in them.

Perhaps, this is enough.  This is the reason for life.

May you have you and take you with you through change, through wonder, through love and through the, seemingly, difficult.

Just what if wherever we are, it’s okay.   How would that feel on you….

May you allow yourself to feel, live, breathe, thrive, and hurt through all that life offers you.   Perhaps, we really are okay through it all.

Life is like a tapestry.  On this earth, we see the back side – the knots, the ties and the seemingly meaningless pieces.  When we die, we see the full, beautiful and brilliant picture that is/was our lives…

Creating a tapestry on!

May you openly and mindfully participate in each shred, piece, disaster, and beautiful moment that is your life now, today.