"Grow Yourself Complete"

Moving On

I feel an evolved heartbeat of myself beating on.  I feel the joy and vibrancy within.  I feel the letting go of some of my struggles and challenges as I still acknowledge them and participate in them as much as possible; fully and truthfully.

I see myself moving my body more.   I see myself speaking my truth more in whatever situation I am in.   I see myself feeling love.  I feel myself more whole.  I feel it impossible to step outside of my truth, although there are still times when I am not liking my truth too much and I experience big discomfort.

I could easily label myself weak, nuts, kooky or crazy at times and I sometimes still do.  However, I’m loving my weak, nuts, kooky or crazy more because it is me and they are my labels about me.  I am not always honoring myself completely; but more often than not I find myself finding a way to self honor.

I am a work in progress.   I suppose we humans are always a work in progress until we die; until we are not.

The journey is the progress.  The journey is the human life.  The journey is the battle.  The journey is the joy.

Oh, what a journey it is.

May you be aware of how you are representing yourself in your journey.  If you like it and it represents you accurately and lovingly, yay on you.

If it is not quite in sync with the truth of you and the representation of who you really are [and want to be] — don’t give up.  See what you see.  Know what you know.  Be what you are.  Journey on.

Be easy; not harsh.

Be loving; not hurtful.

Be awesome; not shut down.

Be you – not someone you are not.

‘Just 9Be U’ – Be You to Completion and “Grow Yourself Complete”

  Unknown; Lauren Eden