"Grow Yourself Complete"

Moving forward…

Moving forward is interesting just now as there surely is a new way of life entering into our society.  It may be a good time for our own guidance to come from a more internal place than external resources.  We were innately born with knowledge inside of us and we were born with everything we need to walk the path that is our very life and existence.

Experiences and adventures are what life is.  We each experience and adventure uniquely.

Your life works best when you feel, know, and be open to taking your own guidance.

May you know, believe in and do you.

Today is Monday, the 7th of August and a full moon is upon our world.  I’m reading where it can be used, again, to let go of things that no longer serve us.  Let go of the way we are that holds us back.  And with the lunar and solar eclipses this month, we will be shown – as we surrender and open to – more of who we really are and supposed to be from the inside out.  Positive change is always possible. 

May you change and let go of what no longer serves you whether it be a belief, a thought, a habit, a relationship and make room for the positive and the ideas, dreams and messages that do serve you.

Perhaps, it is time to get closer yet to living the you that is inside of you and have it coincide with what you show on the outside of you.

The universe is constantly rotating and so are our lives.  May we rotate with all that is.  May we be open to change into an easier and a better us.

May you believe that the universe is on your side.  May you believe you were born as a loving being and when you live this loving beingness that is within your heart and soul, the light of you shines brightest.

Shine on your brightness.   Let it shine in to the depth of yourself.  Let it shine out from the depth of yourself.

I wish you lightheartedness and peace.