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Mother Nature

Share from my Facebook Post after the hurricane went through our area.

We made it through with very little damage.   The inside of my home is more in disarray than the outside; which is good news.   We brought what was outside in and we emptied a large closet so we would have a ‘safe place’ to hide if it would become necessary.  Hence, the inside disarray.

I am so grateful that there was nothing more than palm fronds all over the grounds this morning.  They are even pretty on the ground to me; although I’d rather never, ever see them splayed all over the ground again; especially from a hurricane or even a mean tropical storm.  The fronds are many feet longer than they look when they are up on the trees dancing.

“Nature offers us all kinds of things.  A beautiful gift of nature.. ”  is the picture of the day.

“Mother Nature can surely be the ultimate mother.  She can nurture us like no other.  Be one with her because she rules.  She is the power that can create, damage, teach us flow and teach us strength.  She is beautiful and all powerful.  Be one with nature.”

May you “let the nature of you flow; with love and with openness.”  May you be one with yourself…

  Pink Quill, Bromeliad


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