"Grow Yourself Complete"


Monday, Monday.

Many frown on Monday.  It isn’t Monday that makes us frown.  It is what we associate to Monday.  Back to work.  Back to school.  Back to a schedule.  Back to having to get up early and get out of the house.  And, many other reasons; most likely.

What about the people that have off on Mondays…  It is their sleep-in day.   It is their day of rest.

What if we could choose to think of Monday as a day; just a day.   Yes, all of the above may be true and, yet, really, it is just a day.  And, most of us have been doing Mondays like we do them for a long time.  Our heads haven’t popped off.  We have never not made it through a Monday.  Just what if, TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday) could be a thing.

It is a great time to set intention(s) for the week.  It is a great time to slowly get back into the schedule.  I hear some saying ‘slowly –  not a chance’.  Well, then, what if we could get back into the week of things however we feel we must, but with a ‘helpful’ mindset.

Grateful we have a job to go to.  Grateful we have friends to visit with.  Grateful we have opportunities to learn.  Grateful for who we are and what we know and the wonderful weekend we may have just had.

No, life isn’t [always] exactly as we want it to be.  But, we can bring our exact true self with us into it.

Just, what if we relaxed into it; into our Monday.

Being an adult and being responsible, I suppose, has to be a balance of getting things done that have to be done (still our choice/our priority/our option) and doing the things that make our souls sing and our hearts happy.

May you let Monday be your friend.  May you let all days be your friend.

As you bring your true, loving self to each situation; each situation sort of/kind of becomes your friend.

A true, loving self can feel whatever you feel; think whatever you think AND recognize how it floats or deflates ‘your boat’.  Decide on if you want to keep the approach you are currently experiencing or change it up some.

May you choose floating as opposed to deflating.  May you choose expansion as opposed to constricting.  May you choose you and kindness to self as opposed to others and harshness with self.  In this, ‘others’ are more comfortable around us and get our best self instead of something else.

May you let Monday work for and/or with you instead of against you.  Just saying.  It just may be an option.  I hope it is…

Things are allowed to feel hard, difficult, uneasy, tiring, lonely, frustrating.   Bring this with you, and, if possible, bring this with you from a place of knowing you are this; owning you are this; and allow the ‘best’ you to deliver same…  whoop, whoop.   I may be onto something here.   May you grab it and fly if it feels good on you…