"Grow Yourself Complete"


What if we would just think of ourselves as what we are…  Miracles.  You are a miracle.

How we come into this life; onto this earth is scientific, yes.  And, it is also miraculous!

We breathe.  Our body functions.  Our minds test us and build us up.

How can there be so many billions of us and we all look and act different…  Miracle.

To be kind to one’s self always – a miracle!

To love all parts of ourselves – a miracle!

To always share what is inside of us through the most gentlest and loving place we know – a miracle!

Through the miracle of life, as we accept what comes up for us and bring our true encounter of same into it and through it, we are living miraculously; we are living fully out loud and fully whole and alive.

This is the miracle that I wish for you.

May you be the miracle that you are and allow yourself to be what and who and how you are from the most gentle, empowering, loving persona that you are capable of.

As we share our individuality; together, in truth, support and love – we do, perhaps, live (claim) the miracle of ourselves.

I’m in…