"Grow Yourself Complete"

Miracle Energy

I slept in this morning.  Man, did I sleep in.  I got out of bed at 11 a.m.!   Wow.   I was so relaxed and the dogs didn’t bother me to get up and it was quiet and a perfect sleep-in setting.  I’m open to letting this feel only good to me; be only positive.  No guilt.  No should have, could have, would haves.   There is much peace in this.  I let my body and mind do what it wanted to do from the silence and the inner knowing that is me.  It surely felt healing to me.  What a glorious gift I gave to myself.

With what I read about today, March 20, with the cosmic energy being so alive, I gave myself permission to feel it, connect to it and ‘play’ with it.  This was what I needed or I wouldn’t have been able to sleep is what I hear myself saying to myself…

Let the ‘energy’ inside of you guide you.  May it be a ‘no fight’ zone.

May you allow yourself to breathe, connect to, live and share the miracle of you.