"Grow Yourself Complete"

Mind in Disrepair

I can no longer embrace what was and can only choose to embrace what is.  As I let go in my mind of the ease and the turbulence of what was, I open myself up to what is and what will be coming.

This can be a very uncomfortable place to be.  It can also feel very exciting.  I waver back and forth between these things, along with many other feelings and thoughts.

I find myself, again, just sitting with what is and knowing that I am okay even when I don’t feel so.

My head spins trying to find a safe place to focus.  My body aches trying to find homeostasis in chaos, confusion and newness.  My heart beats, sometimes, erratically as it settles into this safe place that my mind, body and soul congregate in as often as possible.

We are all.  We are everything.  We are connected to the unlimited.

This is good news.  This can be difficult truth.

As I breathe into myself, I trust myself.  Even as I feel like a tumbling, eruptive wave, I trust that everything I need, I already have.  I breathe.

I go to rest my mind and to be…

May you rest your mind once in a while.  May you be.