"Grow Yourself Complete"

Merry Meet

I meet you here with nothing really on my mind.  I come here wanting to offer love, peace and calm in a sometimes uncalm world.

There is mass destruction going on throughout the globe.  There is destruction going on within each of us; just maybe.

The ‘old’ way of doing things is changing to the new.  Communication, connection, quickness, health, wealth and creating is becoming more and more different than it was.

Questions are being asked.  Stories are being discovered.  Feelings are being dealt.  Anger/Fear is being felt.  Much will no longer be ignored.

The truth of what is is begging to be lived.

I believe that by going within, to the depth of one’s self, is connecting, knowing and is, perhaps, the best way to create out and forward.

We each are here with gifts that can support the empowerment of love, togetherness and betterment.

What you have inside of you is invaluable to the world – your world, our world and my world.  You are made as you are in the exact manner that has the most significance.

When we trust ourselves, love ourselves and offer peace and acceptance, we can BE on the best, most knowing, most creative and most successful paths forward.  I do mean to accept what you don’t like but only to meet it where it is to embrace it, process it and create from it.

Ignoring it or numbing from it does not change it in the manner that feeling it head on does.

What is it you love to do – may you do it.

What is it that makes you happiest – allow it.

What makes you feel whole – feel it.

As you are true to you from a loving and tender place, this is the place that you can share with others.

When you are fulfilled, you share this fulfillment with others.

May you believe that where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be for this lifetime in this moment.  As you embrace it and allow it and meet it exactly as it is shown to you from the truth of how you feel about it [and from a place of love], awesome and inspiring creation follows.

May you let the awesome creations that are within you free.  Embrace your own awesomeness and empower yourself.  In this, you empower others.  

How cool is this divine set-up of living.  Let it be.  Let you be.  Let love lead.

May you see, feel and live the masterpiece that is YOU.

  ‘Just 9Be U’  “Grow Yourself Complete”