"Grow Yourself Complete"

Me Being Human

I find myself hesitating to transfer some of my posts (from my Be U blog started several years ago) to here – what I consider to be my professional blog.  I write on my Be U blog and then copy (and sometimes edit) it, to here.

I always lived under the premise that I have a professional life and I have a social life and they were to be kept somewhat separate.

As I practice being me and wanting to promote you being you, there is no longer a concrete line drawn in between the two.

As our world is evolving and being forced to become more real, open and together, it is no longer defined what is best for us as a whole.  We are growing more and more realizing that to love our own self and to be true to who we are is the happiest and most fulfilled way to live.

My other blog I just spoke my truth without hesitation and shared my life as it showed itself to me.  I know this is where I ‘work’ best from.

I also know that I want this blog to be about touching you in a way that permits and encourages you to be true to yourself in each moment; with each breath you take.

I don’t want to focus the attention on me.  And, I don’t know how to blend social and professional easily and correctly just now.

I will stay open to my truth and my goal and I will see where this takes me.  It is my hope that you find yourself going deeper into who you are, what you want, how you feel and accept all of who and what you are.  It is my hope that you will look in the mirror and tell this beautiful person looking back how much you love them and are there for them.

You are the only person you will spend your entire life with.

It is my hope that something I type will spark something in you and support you in your own growth of opening up to all that you are from the most loving place inside of you.

I am not perfect.  I have challenges and trials.  I have hopes and dreams.  I have wins and lessons.  I have experiences and wonderment.

This is the human me.

May you let yourself be the human you.