"Grow Yourself Complete"

May You

May you have what you need/want today.  May you be open to allowing the flow in your life and the life that is all around you to live through you as you just breath and let everything go and let who you are easily participate in what is.

My head spins as there is so much information being swirled around, dredged up, bombarded upon us.  My being is happy as much of this is about change, purpose and caring.

There is some horrific stuff going on and we are no longer allowing it to be ‘under a rock’ or the silent ‘elephant in the room’.

We are being forced either by need, no other option or through the internet to see things we only used to read about or hear about.   We are seeing these issues, feeling their human responses and knowing that in reality what happens over there does affect what happens over here.  Perhaps, not in the same way.  And, yet, if any mankind hurts, mankind is hurt.

I believe completely and absolutely that every life — human, animal, plant, slug – matters.  As we learn to work, live and BE in harmony with everything that is energy; emits breath; lives and dies, we also know what true inner harmony feels like.

I know I function best when my outer world around me is in harmony.  I don’t seem to be ‘all that I can be’ when I am touched by ugly, hateful, disruptive, hurt and hurtful things.

This is changing.  I am learning to stand strong in my love.  I am learning that my love can softly empower another to love; as they are opening and ready to do so.

It is not an easy feat to stand alone in love when chaos is around.   It is not an easy feat to choose love when pain has come upon me.  It is not easy to love quietly when hatred seems more powerful.

I am learning, however, that I got it going on when I stand strong in what I believe and feel.  I’m experiencing others’ pain even when they are not expressing it themselves.  Some may not even be aware that they are hurting themselves (or hurting) as much as they are.  [And, I cannot 100% for sure know that someone else is hurting.  The only thing I know to do is either ask them or just to send them love.]

To be courageous is to stand true to myself lovingly, openly, in full vulnerability and know that who I am is who I am and how others act or share their lives is about them and who they are.   I choose to only live, share and behave as who I am.  I am owning my own power, love and truth more every day.  I love because that is what I like to do.  It is what feels best within and without my full being.

May you be proud of your own courage to be all that you can be because it is who you are and you are love, loving and lovable.   You were made this way.  Society and being human may have challenged this but deep down we are all awesome, loving and kind human beings that like harmony within and without better than disharmony.  Some of us may be more comfortable in disharmony because that is what we have known for a large portion of our life (if not all our life).  However, in our silent self, we know that harmony is what we desire.  I believe this to be true for most of us, if not all of us.

The time is now to embrace who you are from your most loving and vulnerable of places and stand strong in You and gently empower others to do the same.

Within this place, we can grow our best world yet.  Together, we can emit such light that the darkness will finally be lessened by a very large scope.

It is my wish; my dream; my purpose for living.  It is in every breath that I take.

May you be aware of what your breath emits and ‘says’ to you.  May you believe it when you hear it and feel it.  May you breathe the light that you have brought with you for this time in our world.  Some are calling this time ‘The Shift’ or ‘The Great Awakening’.

I call it loving who you are in totality and Just Being You from the purest place within yourself.  And so it is…