"Grow Yourself Complete"

May You Dive

From the book “The Wisdom We’re Born With” by the fabulous, brilliant, compassionate, human, Daniel Gottlieb; Dr. Daniel Gottlieb.

“… reminding me of what a child does when splashing in the ocean for the first time.  As the waves come rolling in, one impulse is to run away. But if you do that, the waves will knock you down.  Another impulse is to stand there, be strong, and brace against the full force of the incoming wave.  But if you do that, the waves will still knock you down.

The only way to maintain your stability is to dive into the wave.  That’s counterintuitive.  The impulse to run and the impulse to stand firm are far stronger.  But in order to get through trauma and get on with our lives, with our relationships, we have to do the counterintuitive thing.  We need to take a deep breath and dive into the wave.  And maybe, beneath the roaring foam and hurtling water, we will find the calm that lies beneath the surface.”


Is today your day to dive into the peacefulness beneath the surface…  Is today your day to dive away from the noise; through the fear, and find that you are ‘home’… because you are giving yourself freedom to “Just Be U”.   Freedom to do you true.  Freedom to dive into all that you are.

I wish you this freedom.  Doesn’t matter what it looks like, feels like or sounds like, the goal is to dive and know that as you find yourself ‘in the calm’, you know, hear, see and feel what your next step (even if it needs to be another dive) is.  I believe.  I believe in this.  I believe in you.  I believe in me.

Freedom to believe you were born awesome.  Don’t let the waves or the current ‘far stronger impulses’ or yourself stand in your own way to all that you are and are destined to be any longer.

May you dive.  If you are uncomfortable, fearful, know there is something more yet for you to know… May you dive.  May you allow your comfort, your courage and what you know be so.