"Grow Yourself Complete"


As I pull myself out of bed this morning, I awaken to a new day just like you.  Another new beginning.  Another day to live our lives.  Another day to love.  Another day to feel things we don’t want to feel and things we love to feel.  And, another day to breathe and this ‘another day’ leads us to many opportunities, possibilities and chances to spread and be love.

What makes the difference(s) in our day…  I suppose it is our mindset.  What we think, we create.  What we tell ourselves, we experience.  What we feel, we either fight it or embrace it.  What if we embraced everything we feel with as much love as possible.

Wherever you are; whatever you are doing; whatever you are feeling, may you love to your best ability.

If you are thriving in this moment – go for it – bask in the feeling.   If you are struggling, allow it – feel the feeling.

Regardless of how you are in this moment, let there be love present within and shared without.

Perhaps, love is the magic that keeps us going forward..  May you keep going forward.  YOU are worth it.  I believe in you.