"Grow Yourself Complete"

Loving Power


The power is within you.   The power is you.  Your uniqueness is your super power.

Power.  What is power?  The dictionary says that it is “ability to do or act”; “great or marked ability to do or act”; “a person or thing that possesses or exercises authority or influence”.

So, yes, everyone of us has power.  If we all used our ‘power’ to empower ourselves and each other, ‘power’ would be pretty darn cool.

Amazing things we could make happen.  Amazing things we could produce.  Amazing things could be a constant.  Amazing is who we are.

Perhaps, to just believe this about ourselves is what gives us the power and what makes it so.

May you try it out.  May you try out your power.  May you use your ability to do or act in positive and loving ways.

Power you up and on…

Let’s just see where this can get us.  What a great ‘experiment’ this could be..  !!