"Grow Yourself Complete"

Love Thyself

Come out; come out, wherever you are…

Thank you for loving yourself…

May you love yourself..

May you look in the mirror and tell the person – you – looking back how proud you are of them; how awesome you think they are and how much you love them.

Start from wherever you are.  Start with whatever you can.  Say whatever wonderful thing you can to yourself and hear it, feel it and let it be a part of you.  Let it reach every cell of your being.  Let it come from your soul and go back to your soul.

The very sole person that your love matters to and affects the most is you.

Be playful.  Be open.  Be warm-hearted.  Have a big heart towards yourself.  Have gratitude for your beating heart.

“Love is the answer.”   “Love is patient. Love is kind.”

May you answer yourself, always and in all ways, through love.

May you truly and deeply love yourself.

Thank you for loving yourself.

Perhaps…  It heals you.  It heals me. It heals our world.

May the door to your heart swing both ways.

Search.  Feel.  Invite.  Allow.  Make it happen.  Let the greatness of you happen.

Love Thyself.