"Grow Yourself Complete"

Love Rain Down

It is time to let you ‘rain’.   It is time to let you flow.  It is time to let you live; let you speak; let you feel; let you think; and let you be everything that you are.

It is time to give yourself total freedom to be YOU.  The innate you; the you that you know; the you that you hide.  There is, perhaps, a you that feels vulnerable and there is definitely a part of you that is always connected to YOU.

This YOU is your reason for being.  This YOU is the reason you are here on this earth.  YOU are the reason to be alive as you.

When you are YOU – the YOU that is the most real thing to YOU that you know — when you are YOU, You are honoring life, the Creator of life, the people in your life, the world and everything that is.  True YOU honors best.

By being you – sharing the gift of you – YOU are living the fullness of your life.  You are walking down your best path.  You have the ability to know great fulfillment.  You have the ability to offer your truth to someone who needs/wants it.  And, without a question in my mind, there is someone/something that needs/wants what you know/have/are.

We can be our own cheerleaders.  We can be our own audience.  We can own our own worth.

We don’t need a millions likes; a thousand people; a hundred connections; ten thank yous.   We need one person to believe in us; accept us, allow us and fire us up.

And this one person is ourselves.  This one person is YOU.

When You give yourself permission, love, kudos and acknowledgment, you don’t need it from anyone else.

Your belief in yourself is enough.

May YOU believe in yourself and let yourself rain down in pleasure, awe and excitement to be YOU.

There is no one anywhere; ever, that is exactly like you.  Nor was there.  Nor will there ever be.

This is how awesome and unique YOU are.

Allow yourself to BE.   Just BE.  BE the you that you feel and know inside as you feel and know your authentic and innate self.

Love yourself through and out.  Love yourself on.  Love yourself supporting others to do the same.

In this love of self – as we love our self – perhaps, all we can share, be and know is love.

May we let the pain go; let the hurt behind.

As we let our true love of self lead us; individually, together, we can create a world that reigns with love.  This is the world that I want to live in.   My hope is that you do too.

I wish you love.  Let the door to your heart swing both ways.  May you let love.

I send everyone that hurts love.   I offer everyone that is suffering as much ease as possible.  I wish everyone that knows pain to also know love.

As we let love be the most prominent emotion and ‘drive’, just maybe, it is time for love to start being the dominant feeling/knowing/being that underlies everything that is…

What if all we need to do to be part of the solution is to believe that you yourself can let love lead YOU.

I know I can let love lead me.  It is how I live.  It is how I was born to live.  It just feels better in and on me.

Yes, I have known loss, pain and there is still much unknown in my life.  I certainly am not perfect.  Yet, instead of worry, I choose love.  Along with pain, I choose love.  When hurt, I choose love to the best of my ability.  Anything less than love keeps me stuck in the worry, the pain, and the hurt.

May you choose love as often as possible.

Love is supporting the best of; giving the best of; allowing the best of; connecting to the best of; knowing the best of; carrying the best of; sharing the best of; wishing for the best of; hoping for the best of; speaking for the best of; walking through from the best of…  Living the best of you is love. 

It doesn’t always mean you are perfect.  It doesn’t mean you never hurt.  It doesn’t mean you don’t make mistakes.  It doesn’t mean that you have all the answers.  

It does mean that you will come from the gentlest, most supportive part of yourself with an open mind, open heart and truth of your soul.   

Perhaps, this is what love means…

May you love…  let love.