"Grow Yourself Complete"

Love Deeply

It is my understanding that the way the sun is aligned with the earth, many, especially sensitive people and empaths, et al are experiencing energy like never before.  Perhaps, you are one that is feeling this ‘new’ energy and are not sure what to do with it.  Life can feel so loud and different.

We are being forced to bring out parts of ourselves that we have never shown/known, or rarely, before.

There is much frustration, anger and fear because we don’t really know how to do this.  We don’t find comfort in it.  Yet, I believe this is what will bring us comfort.

To be and live your whole self is not a dream; it wants to be a reality.  You were born as you for certain and specific reasons.

As you live and share the total you that you are, freedom, peace and joy will be yours.  Not that there won’t be issues, but they will be the real and true issues for your real and true you.

It will be about what we differ about from deep within (and, in reality, there just may not be a whole lot).  It won’t be about things that really have nothing to do with what we are feeling; or that we blame it to be so on.

When we love ourselves deeply, miracles come out.  Miracles happen.

May you let the miracles out!  Love yourself and each other deeply.

It is my hope that we can know what this is like in our own small world and worldwide.