"Grow Yourself Complete"

Love Always

I was taking a walk the other night and I came across many beautiful sights.  It was dusk and as the dusk was falling into night, I was aware of the peace, the quiet, the serenity of the moments.

I felt gratitude.  I felt love for the universe.  With nature all around me, I knew, once again, that this is my home.

Everywhere I looked, I saw the beauty within the nature of living.

As I stayed open and interested, I felt a wholeness of being.  I felt the earth underneath my feet.  I saw the darkening sky as a beautiful painted picture.  I heard the sound of trickling water fountains.   I felt the calm and quiet as birds flew across the sky going ‘home’ for the night.

I knew this must be love in some of its many forms.

I gathered the love up and walked on.

May you always have a reservoir of love within.   Be and share your love as often and as much as possible.

May you always save a reserve of your love for yourself.