"Grow Yourself Complete"


I lost a dear neighbor and friend last night.  She died at a beautiful old age.  She shined brighter than the sun when she smiled.  Her energy was contagious. She had more energy than many of us combined.  Truly.  She moved in and out and around daily; did gardening in her bathing suit; walked with her bird on her shoulder and her dog Molly.  I couldn’t walk by and her not invite me in to show me something new or special.  She helped the Vets graciously and extensively.  She was very successful in all ways and she was so very humble.  She lived vivaciously until a month before she closed her eyes and left her body.

I am blessed to have known her.  I am sad.  And, I will always carry her energy in my heart, body and soul.  If I am really lucky, she ‘contaminated’ me with her contagious energy.!.

My heart goes out to her family and to the many ‘beings’ (human and animals) that feel the great loss of her physical presence.  It is my hope that they believe and/or know that her love, joyfulness and her giving way will stay within them always.  May she rest in peace and truly understand how important and special her life here on Earth was. How her ‘touch’ is everlasting.   I will miss her brilliant light in my neighborhood.

May You allow yourself to feel any loss that you may be experiencing and take the empowering part of what was (and is) and live uplifted from/through the ‘energy’ that once graced your life.  May you be extra kind and gently loving with yourself as you mourn. 

There is no set-in-stone guidebook on mourning.  There is not one way.  There is your way.  May you honor your way and honor any others’ way(s) also. 

May we honor each other in all ways, always.