"Grow Yourself Complete"


Sometimes, I can feel lonely even when people are around me.

Why is this…  How can it be so…  Is it me and what I’m thinking/doing…

Some days, perhaps, it is just human to feel lonely.  Perhaps, I have issues/problems on my mind.  Perhaps, I am not fully open to sharing myself with others.  Perhaps, I need to feel alone.

Whatever the reason, it is how I feel.  When I accept this and be with it, ‘life’ feels easier than when I fight it or want it to be different.

Whenever I ‘fight’ life wanting it to be different than it is, I can find confusion, hurt and sometimes heartache and worry.

Life is always changing.  Life is ever-changing.  Life changes as we breathe.

Whenever I accept ‘life’ as it is and, maybe more importantly, myself as I am, I feel more whole, at peace and with ‘it’.

I like feeling with it more than I do feeling alone.

Perhaps, we need to know what feeling alone is so we can appreciate togetherness.

Sometimes, my alone time is my most fun, relaxed and the greatest of ‘me time’.

It truly is about how I see the world and all of its goings on.

It truly is about how you see the world and all of its goings on.

May you see it from your allowing, open, true and loving place more often than from a negative, sad, lonely and scary place.

I don’t think it is possible to always be ‘on’.  How boring would it be to never be challenged…

I bet there are many of us that would like to see what it feels like; at times.   I bet there are many of us that do have moments/days where everything seems good and, just maybe, we don’t even sit open in the truth of it.  Why would we ‘worry’ or be aware of this phase.  We don’t have to ‘fix’ anything.  Just what if nothing ever needed to be fixed.  Hmmm.

Life is full of phases.

Flow; just flow.  May you flow.

May you accept your uniqueness; know it is your greatest of superpowers; allow your growth to happen as it does; and be one with what is as best you can.