"Grow Yourself Complete"


Some are feeling a loneliness just now; an extra intensity in our emotions/feelings.  I’m feeling lonely as I’m in the house alone unraveling all that I own and applying it to my current and future life not really having a laid out plan.

There is a ‘shift’ occurring in many of us now.  I feel an irritability within.  I have felt an underlying sense of unsettledness.  There are many things in our lives that do not come from our past experiences easily and growth is occurring on many roads that are in front of us as we continue forward during this strange, constantly changing time.

What was our norm yesterday is, most likely, not our norm today.  The professionals are being challenged.  The awareness is loud and authentic.  We are feeling more and more ‘touched’ as a world; a universe; one.

What happens over there is affecting us over here and vice versa.

What do we do with this…

We walk through.  We love through.  We live our truth through.  We share our full selves through.

There is no where left to hide.  There is no turning back.  There is only now and, possibly, going forward.

The unknown has never felt so unknown to me.  It can be exciting.  It may be scary.  It is…  unknown.

May you allow the unknown to present itself to you as only you can experience it.   May we support ourselves and each other in our own experience of change, growth, hurt, love, truth, joy, and life.  It is time.  The time has come.  The time is now.