"Grow Yourself Complete"

Locked Down

I am currently feeling locked down.  Locked down with no words to explain.  There is a heaviness about me and a quietness in my mind that is asking for my stillness in every way possible.

I have been hearing myself say – no words.   There are no words to describe the fullness of what I am feeling and the unknown of what I am feeling.  There are no words and no judgment.

Today is today. This is truly the only moment we have.

Yes, our minds live in the past and the future more often then necessary, perhaps.  I feel most at peace when I’m in the now experiencing what life is showing me.  Even as I’m being shown some uncomfortableness, a lot of unknown and an openness that I feel but cannot explain; it is more fulfilling to be in this then it is to replay what was or to guess what will be.

Yesterday was yesterday.   And, I’ve had some great, magical and awesome yesterdays.  Ive had many yesterdays that changed my life course forever.

Tomorrow is just that.  It is not for us to experience yet.  Yes, we can prepare, we can plan, we can try to orchestrate.  Do we allow ourselves to be and feel okay when these preparations and orchestrations do not play out exactly like we dream them to….   Just an interesting observation to ponder, perhaps…

So, as I am in the now; dealing with and feeling what life is offering me, I am open to receive splendor, wonder and connection to all that I am and all that I can be.

For I am not me in the yesteryear.  I am not me in the coming years.   I am me, today.   And, I am in love with me today with all the challenges, imperfections and unknown….  this is me.   This is my life.  And, I am okay with it because this is it for this moment.   Nothing more.   Nothing less.    I am me.

No one else can experience me like I do.

No one else can experience you like you do.  You are this unique and this awesome.

May you live your life as only you can.  May you be aware and feel it all.  May you bring your truth to everything that is..  in your way, your light, your darkness and your being; as kindly as possible.

May you JUST BE YOU in this moment.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

May you know fulfillment in this.