"Grow Yourself Complete"

Living on the Edge of Chaos

I went to a class at the local ‘Jamar Enlightenment Center’ titled “Living on the Edge of Chaos”.  It was interesting, enjoyable and helpful.

Dr. Christine Page talked about negative and positives and to live in all of them allowing yourself to experience the ultimate truth in each situation; that all of it benefits our growth and true self.  I like to think of it as this is what will lead us home to ourselves and our best paths going forward.

She talked about illness being 90% about our bodies wanting our attention to teach us lessons and guide us forward.  She also did grounding meditations that I thoroughly enjoyed.

We had a partner session where we, with our own intuition, went into each other’s sacred space and ‘looked’ what each other was about and if there was anything that could be shared with the other person that would help them propel forward immediately.  My partner came up with that I am total ‘indian’; one with the land and all that is.  That I understand this experience here on earth and do not be afraid of it.  To be open to my truth and let myself speak and share it.  I loved hearing this.  It brought me great excitement.  I still believe I’m not where I’m going and I certainly believe I’m on my way!  We all are.

What I experienced in her sacred space was that she was a ‘watcher’; a ‘looker’.  She watches from the background and knows much.  She has white wings and was fairy and gnome-like.  She knew everything that was important for her to know, she only has to own it.  It came to me for her to speak all this knowledge and she no longer needs to be in the background when she doesn’t want to be.  It was pretty interesting.

I learned (again) that when we find another that is willing to cross the human boundaries and enter the domain of connectedness that really cool stuff happens!  I’m grateful for my partner.

May you give yourself permission to connect deep within — with yourself; another; or many or all that you encounter.  Really cool stuff may just happen!