"Grow Yourself Complete"

Live Yourself

No one is coming to save us. It is best when we do it for ourselves. It is best when we are brave, courageous, loving and awesome. It is nice to let others help us and, at times, support us but not live our life for us.  Our life works best when we do not live how others would tell us to live; it is how they know to live through who they are.  

It is best when we believe in our self and the way we feel and what we know and what is inside of us.

We must let ourselves breathe and find the answers within.  Everything we need for our lifetime we already have.   It is within our inner knowing.

No one can heal me or change the way I see things [without my permission].  No one can give me answers on what to do that is the very best for me but me.  No one can do as good of a job as creating me to be me as me.  

This is one of those good news/bad news things, perhaps.  AND, it can be great news if we open up to it.

May we all open our hearts, minds and souls and know that we can live the best of ourselves.

May we know that we are ok; that we are going to be ok; that we survive and that we thrive.

Believe, know and live as if the cycle of life will flow on, with ease, if we let it.  May we let it.  It is going to flow no matter what.  This is what life does.

You are love(d).   I send you love.

I see your kindness and your beauty.  Let You shine.  Let you know you deserve your awesomeness.  We honor our Creator (and each other) when we honor our own awesomeness.

Awesomeness on!!!!!