"Grow Yourself Complete"


Lionel Richie.  Ceelo Green.   Outside.   In a Thunderstorm….

This is where I just may be in three hours!  Hoot.  I will walk through it and see where I end up.

I heard that there were 1,000 lightning strikes in 10 minutes in one area of these storms.  That is quite a lot of lightning strikes – or so it sounds.


Well, I made it to the concert and the house was brought down!!!!  lol

Lionel was so energetic; so on his game and his music filled and blessed me as only his music can.  He has been one of my all time favorite musicians for many, many, many moons.

It didn’t rain and I had the most fun evening.   It was so hot outside; I was drenched from dancing and I loved every minute!  Truly.

Thank you Lionel Richie, again and again and again.   Ceelo Green was a fun time too!

May you be grateful for what fulfills you and believe that wherever you find yourself, you will always know the best answer for you.  May you give yourself permission to fill yourself up with what makes you say ‘Hello’ to your most authentic self.

Let the fire within create your life as it feels best with you.  May it come as Easy as a Sunday Morning.   Hoot.  I crack myself up!  lol