"Grow Yourself Complete"


I hope it is true for you that we all have (at least) one lifeline.  Whether it be a person, situation, mantra, memory and/or thought that helps us stay connected to our truest of selves.  A lifeline that empowers us to just be who and what we are…

I just talked to this person that I consider my lifeline.  I feel such gratitude that I can speak my scariest and most embarrassing thoughts out loud and I am still okay.  I am still loved.  I find that I am more me than ever.

May you have your own lifeline; whatever that looks, sounds, or feels like to you.  A lifeline that connects your heart to your world with acceptance and simple understanding.

Deep conversation energizes me. Truth makes me stronger.  Vulnerability makes me bigger.  Love grounds me.

I can easily say that a part of me doesn’t like what I see myself doing lately.  What I see myself doing lately is nothing.  Going nowhere.  Goal-less in my actions.

However, I am reaching deep within.  Sitting with stillness.  Just what if this is way more productive than what it looks like…  Just what if there is way more going on here than my eyes and my human brain can tell…  Just what if nowhere can be construed as now here.

It is hard for me to admit that this is what I need, want and am just now.  There is no desire within me that is strong enough to change me in the here and now.

And, talking with this one person, my lifeline, I connect to the part of me that lets me be okay.  Lets it be okay.  Allows me to embrace and believe in divine timing and that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

How do I know this…

Is it as simple an answer as ‘because this is where I am at’…

Just what if you are exactly where you belong because it is exactly where you are at…  Just what if you decide that this is enough for you to believe, know and live just now.  Just as you are… you are enough.

We can know great turmoil as there are overwhelming amounts of information and stories to process what they mean to us and how we live in and through everything that comes our way.  There is huge stuff going on.  It is gigantic how quickly and deeply we are being asked to learn anew.

All I can think just now is

May you let your light shine… Let it be exactly what it is… Let you be exactly what you are…

As you bring your true self to the forefront, your truest and best paths will emerge.

What comes next doesn’t matter as much as what is now, perhaps.

May you open up to what is now and just allow it and you to breathe…

Stop the war within…  Just breathe.