"Grow Yourself Complete"


I sit in stillness.  My mind is quiet.  My heart is beating.  My breath breathes.

We can spend time in foreign lands.  We can spend time on the web.  We can spend time thinking about this or that.  We can get immersed in a project or goal.  We can have tunnel vision.  We can experience the depth and horizon of all that is.

Life comes into us or is it us that comes into life…

We speak and spend time with these or those persons.  We feel and experience what comes from within.  We feel and experience what comes from within As it meets what is without.

Never say never because we can often find ourselves there.

As you open up to the day; as you bring into the day what you focus on; as you meet yourself where you are at, you are living.

Right here, right now, in this breath you breathe, we breathe life.

Life is experienced as we see it, believe it to be and what we bring to it.

If you want to know peace, be it.

If you want to share love, extend it.

If you want to share joy, tap into it.

Do you fight what is…   Do you focus on what you think you’d rather have or the positive that you do have…   Do you spend life as you would like to…  Do you spend life in awareness…   Do you numb yourself so as not to be aware…

Our life is ours to live.  Here.  Now.  Feel kindness walk with you.  Flow into what brings you contentment.  Let life flow through the truth of your experience from a loving and open heart.

With each breath, we experience life.

Experience it from the truth of what is through the truth of who you are from the most easiest and allowing place inside of you.  This creates the stepping stones into your best path forward.

May you live in and walk on as you create your best path forward.  This may be the pathway home to our true essence.  In our true essence we live our greatest of self.

May you live your greatest of self.