"Grow Yourself Complete"

Letting Go/Meeting Yourself Where You are At

I feel that we all have dreams, desires, thoughts and things we have yet to do inside of us.

We all have our worst of our worst and we all want and connect to our best of our best.

Some we share with the world and some we keep bottled up inside for fear of being ridiculed or not getting the kind of support we wish for.

Perhaps, it is time to let these things erupt from within out.  Opening up and letting go…

May you feel deep inside of you for your best.  May you let the inner knowing, truth, excitement and ‘draw’ come forward.  May you be open to seeing this into fruition and may it be so.  I wish this for you if you wish it for yourself.

I 100% believe in you.  I 100% believe that if one can dream it, one can become it.  If one can think it, one can create it.  Imagination is good.  Letting go of what hurts us is good.

May all your dreams and thoughts of positivity, fun and excitement come true.  May you be working towards them right now.  May you get a sign that, yes, this is the path for you…  May you be open to seeing this sign.  May it be and come right from where you are at.

  Boo!  No more skeletons in the closet.!.!  Let us free ourselves.