"Grow Yourself Complete"

Let There Be Peace

It is the end of one season and the beginning of another and it is also a full moon.  What powerful energy to connect to, feel and stream forward with.  Whatever you are feeling, may you allow it; tap into it and grow with it.  Feel your way through from a loving and tender place.

It may be the most open and freeing time ever to live internally and eternally connected, as human beings. Perhaps, it is the best chance and time ever in the evolution of mankind.  Not to be dramatic but to be hopeful and free to live the loving and full life that truly is inside of ourselves out.

May you be open to the possibility of peace in your heart, peace in your life and peace in our world.  

May you connect to your soul.  May you connect to the sole Source… the piece of you that knows the greatest peace.

May you allow this peaceful piece of you to ‘loudly’ participate and support you as you process all the other ‘screaming’ parts that are also wanting your attention.   Breathe and let it be.  You know.  May you believe you know as you give yourself permission to just let life flow.

 picture unknown