"Grow Yourself Complete"

Let It Happen

This journey of life and living is a journey of the unknown, uncertainty, joy, magic and emotions popping up all over the place as we open up to everything that is.

I wake up this morning achy and uncomfortable.  My first reaction is to want to change it, make me better; take away my pain.

What if I just allow it, accept it…   Will it pass…  Most likely it will.  Usually it does… Perhaps, even whether I choose to fight it or accept it…  It still passes.

Yesterday I heard myself saying that I don’t want to get up.  I don’t want to do the day.  Then I heard myself saying I don’t want to do the day in this minute.  Yay me!  This was more my truth and it certainly felt a lot lighter on me than I don’t want to do the whole day.   I liked that it was just in that moment that I didn’t want to do the whole day.  And, yes, it was – before I started to do the whole day that I experienced this…  Ha!

As I sit here typing this and my body cries out for something, I pause….  I breathe…  I love myself….  I feel the pain and discomfort…  I ask what it is trying to tell me…   I do a little stretch…  I breathe some more…..

We all have our moments.   We all have our stressors.   We all have our fears.   We also all have our joy…  All have our ‘good’ things…  We all have moments of miracles…  We all have moments of peace…  We all have it all.

Everything that is human, we are all touched by in our own way.

Does it still happen whether we fight it or allow it…  Hmm.

May you know when to fight and know when to open up to the moment.  Perhaps, in this is our greatest peace.

I offer peace to our world.  I offer love to your struggles.  I offer you your most loving self.  I offer hope to what feels hopeless.   I offer miraculous moments to the most mundane.

It is my greatest wish, just now, to be able to offer you these things.

May you embrace, allow and offer gentle strength to what life is showing you just now.  Carry on from the place inside of you that carries and holds your peace and inner knowing.

Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me…

May we let peace happen.

As I end this post, my body crying out has dissipated…

May you let ‘life’ flow through you.