"Grow Yourself Complete"


“Lisa brings sweetness and light into my life. She intuitively understands what I need. I ALWAYS know she will be there for me if I need her. Her capacity for understanding is endless. I value her opinion.” – Judie Batt-Yarnell, Florida, USA

“Lisa knows what to do about pain. She is a healer. My problems become Lisa’s problems. Her very being gets entwined with those she loves, and we are embraced.” – Judie Batt-Yarnell, Florida, USA

“Lisa’s purity, trustworthiness, creativity, and concern are unparalleled. If anyone on this Earth is an Angel it is My Lisa. I have evidence.” – Judie Batt-Yarnell, Florida, USA

“Lisa offers loyalty and spiritual support to me on a daily basis, always letting me know that I have my own personal cheerleader in her when it seems the world is against me. She also is there to share in the wins I have in life as well – I cannot imagine a life without her.” Janet Galliera, Pennsylvania, USA

“Lisa is a non-judgmental partner and helps me to overcome my fears and achieve balance in both my personal and professional life. I trust her with all my secrets!” Janet Galliera, Pennsylvania, USA

“Since I connected with Lisa six months ago, I have learned more about encouragement, love and how to more easily get up after falling. I feel like I have been on a drive with her, a journey, and I do not want it to end. I am so glad we are on this ride together and I know she will inspire and change many other lives.” Flavia Namuyanja, Kampala, Uganda

“I believe God has placed Lisa in my life. I feel unbreakable even as we share burning sadness because we connect through warmth and kindness. I want to thank Lisa for inspiring me as we share stories that help remind me of what I love. She helps to educate me and bring out the best of me.” Flavia Namauyanja, Kampala, Uganda

“There isn’t a day that goes by without thanking God for having Lisa in my life.  Her ‘being’ demonstrates truth, love, honor and respect.  She has helped me to connect to my love of self, my family and my life.”  Debbie Hershey-McMahon, New Jersey, USA