"Grow Yourself Complete"

Lead Practitioner

lisaungererWelcome. I feel like it has taken me a long time to arrive here. Yet, I know with everything in me that being here is my life’s purpose going forward. I’m here waiting for you.

Every experience and situation in my life has brought me here to this opportunity. All the collaboration of the challenges, events, people, opportunities and elements that I have known bring me here, to you. It is my hope to support you in connecting to the depth of who you are. My greatest wish is to help you be and live the whole person that is inside of you; your life waiting to be lived. I want you to live as the most fulfilled and loving human being that you were born to be.

I have spent the last 25 years, physically and consciously, participating in my own healing journey.  I have deeply explored a wide variety of modalities to help me connect to my own inner peace through mind, body and spirit work.  My journey has led me to complete and acquire certifications as a teacher and extensive training as a student.  This formal education combined with my own real life experiences has encouraged and enabled me to create this platform that is “Just 9Be U”.

The milestones that I feel have encapsulated me into who I am; starting with my childhood, was a sadness so great that it has forever impacted me. My dad abandoned my family which left me feeling like I was unlovable. I created and held tight to the thought that if my own dad doesn’t love me, who could possibly love me. This thought has since changed. I know I am lovable. Loving myself has been a huge challenge that I have overcome (most of the time) and find great strength in.

As a teenager, I searched for a belonging and in this search, I connected to anything and anyone that would connect back. This brought me to many situations and people that were not able to give me what I was looking for and, in turn, probably had me going in less positive directions and learning and enforcing what I knew to be true – that I didn’t matter. My belief was that what I felt, what I believed, needed to be squelched because it made people uncomfortable and I did not want anyone else to leave me.

Before I graduated high school, I was living on my own, in my own apartment, provided and paid for by myself. I was on a work program my senior year of high school which enabled me to do this.

In my twenties, I explored freedom, traveled to beautiful places, loved being in nature, became completely independent; and, in this, found great joy of allowing myself complete freedom to be whatever, however, whenever and whoever I was.

My 30s offered me marriage to the man of my dreams and one of the best gifts I ever have known. Another one of my greatest gifts was having a brilliant daughter and becoming a mom. These are two of my favorite and most fulfilling, yet challenging experiences of my life.

During my 40s, I found myself going inward and admitted to and connected to much pain that my past had brought into my life that was yet to be processed.

Now, in my 50s, I’m ready to share, explore, connect and ‘just be’. My goal is to connect from the depth of who I am to the depth of who you are.  My hope is that I will connect to the people that I am meant to connect with and that I can easily and greatly support.  I also wish to share life with all the people that want to help our world starting with being the best that they can be first.

For most of my life I had a yearning, a need for connection to people; to know , feel and share life with everyone I met. It was important to me to touch people at the depth of themselves and to create relationships at whatever level a relationship could be had with each individual that crossed my path.

I developed dis-ease at the age of 17.  This dis-ease had my hands turning purple and my fingers developing ulcers and at the age of 21, I was diagnosed with a disease called scleroderma. Having the ongoing experience of this dis-ease has also created awareness, openness, compassion, empathy and a drive to find and live my own best life that was inside of myself. This dis-ease could be manipulated through massage, reduced or added stress and cognitive thinking. I found this fascinating and for most of my life I explored many modalities of healing and connecting to all that is.

Informal Education:

Animal Guidance
Bikram Yoga
Burning Moxa to open up energy flow

Chinese Herbs
Cold Laser Therapy
Color Therapy

Cord Cutting
Crystal/Stone Therapy
Dream Therapy
Drugs (mainstream)
Dry Brushing

Edgar Cayce Products (Castor Oil Pack, Breathing Barrel)
Emotional Meaning for        Physical Limitations
Exorcism (with a Male Catholic Nun)
Fasting with Only Green Smoothies (4 Mos.)

Feng Shui
Flor-Essence Tea
Foot Reflexology
Harp Therapy
Hormone Therapy
InfraRed Sauna

Magnet Therapy
Massage (Shiatsu, Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Lymphatic Drainage, Mayofascial Release, Cranial Sacral, etc.)
NET Therapy
Mirror Work
Muscle Testing
Ozone Bath
Past Life Work
Pendulum Work

Pulse Reading
Self-Help Books
Soaking Feet to take out Impurities
Sound Therapy (pitch/vibration levels)
Tarot Cards
Vitamin Therapy
Wheat Grass

Formal Education:

Breath Awareness
Cognitive Thinking
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Energy Work

Guided Imagery
Holistic Health
Life Coach (Certified)

Meditation (Eating)
Meditation (Sitting)
Meditation (Walking)
Nutritional Guidance

Personal Trainer(Certified)
Qi Gong
Strength Training
Tai Chi



National Association of Professional Women

International Coach Federation

IDEA Health and Fitness Association